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art history

Who was the greatest Shady Lady?

People often ask us who the greatest Shady Lady was. And it’s a hard...
art history

Why were high foreheads once considered a sign of beauty?

This painting portrays Saint Justina of Padua as a Renaissance fashion plate. The pearls,...
art history

Courtesans and mistresses in art

Elegant women are a huge theme in art history, and people mostly assume, as...
art history

The feminist concept of the “male gaze”

The feminist concept of the “male gaze” is useful in art criticism. The concept...

Courtesans of Paris tour—in the cemetery!

One of my favorite things to do in Paris—really—is explore the cemeteries. The most...
art history

Shady Ladies Featured In O, The Oprah Magazine!

We are so grateful for being included on the ‘Gratitude Meter‘ 5 Things We’re...
art history

Nasty Women of the MFA Boston

The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston is of course one of the world’s great...
art history

Shady Ladies of the Philadelphia Museum

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is not as big as the Metropolitan, and it...
art history

Shady Ladies tour or Nasty Women?

People often ask me what the difference is between the Shady Ladies tour and the Nasty...
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