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nasty women

art history

Princesse Mathilde

Princesse Mathilde was an aristocrat, but a wild character: her wealth was based on...
art history

The feminist concept of the “male gaze”

The feminist concept of the “male gaze” is useful in art criticism. The concept...
art history

Nasty Women of the MFA Boston

The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston is of course one of the world’s great...
art history

Shady Ladies tour or Nasty Women?

People often ask me what the difference is between the Shady Ladies tour and the Nasty...
art history

The Five Most Powerful Women in the Metropolitan Museum

My esteemed colleague Mary Beard has posted an article about the five most powerful...
art history

“Nasty Women” are Everywhere—even the Metropolitan

We know them from work, family, public and private life—women who speak their mind,...
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